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Snippet to create a delay in a server side script

Snippet to create a delay in a server side script

I created this function because setTimeout doesn’t exist in server side Netsuite. I have never had the need to use it, but I thought someone else would find it useful.

Insert this function in your code:

And then call it like this:

Beware of execution time limits when running this code. Always test first.

How to get a SuiteCloud Developer Network Account

How to get a SuiteCloud Developer Network Account

Edit: SDN Community (Free) is no longer available at the SDN Website. Now you need to pay at least $3000 per year to get access to the SDN and its respective developer account… Goddammit!

Even though my workplace gives me access to plenty of Netsuite accounts, I thought a private individual SDN account would be a great for my professional growth.

I have been trying to get a SDN Account for over year and I always got rejected for different reasons such as invalid email address. Note that it takes at least a month to get a response back from Netsuite for this. When I tried using a private email address I never got a response back. After a couple of months I tried again and no luck.

Finally I checked Netsuite user’s forum and a user dominicb explained the following:

My experience applying for SDN suggests that online applications via the web form simply get ignored. If you email you’re more likely to get a response of some description. From the subsequent conversations I had with a member of Netsuite staff, it appears that SDN is no longer open to Netsuite customers as such (contrary to what the web site says) and is now only accessible to 3rd party developers working on extensions and customisations. If you fall into the latter category, emailing and explaining your plans may get a better response.

So I followed his advice and after a couple of emails I got my account set up!

According to Netsuite:

There is a vetting process for SDN community accounts. Community accounts have been abused by other users in the past and most community requests are invalid.


TLDR So there you have it, if you are having issues like me just do the following:
  1. Email and ask them for a SDN account to learn and develop in Suitescript. You have a higher chance of getting accepted if your email address is private (no gmail, etc..).
  2. Wait for them to email you back. They will ask you why do you want to have a SDN and you just tell them the same thing again.
  3. Wait for them to send you the details on your new account.

I personally hate all this bullshit about declining requests due to other users abusing. Blocking everyone is not the way to solve the problem. I definitely expected more from the so called “#1 Cloud ERP”. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment.