Snippet to create a delay in a server side script

Snippet to create a delay in a server side script

The motivation behind the creation of this function stems from the absence of a built-in setTimeout functionality in the server-side environment of Netsuite. Although I personally had not encountered the necessity for such a function, I recognized the potential value it could hold for others facing similar circumstances.

It is essential to note that the provided code relies on a busy-wait mechanism, which is widely acknowledged as an antipattern and discouraged for use. This approach involves a loop that continuously checks the system clock until the specified duration elapses. While it serves as a makeshift alternative, it is important to exercise caution and consider alternative solutions whenever possible.

For your convenience, the function is provided below:


And then call it like this:

Beware of execution time limits when running this code. Always test first.

By incorporating this function into your code, you can simulate a delayed execution of a specified function after a given time period. However, it is advisable to explore more efficient and reliable alternatives for handling time-based operations in Netsuite’s server-side environment.