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SuiteScript 2.0 Dialog Prompt + On SaveRecord

SuiteScript 2.0 Dialog Prompt + On SaveRecord

One of the new modules in Suitescript 2.0 is the “N/ui/dialog” module but unfortunately it doesn’t include a prompt method. I did some digging and found that the dialog module uses Sencha Ext JS. Since Ext JS doesn’t require the dialog module it can run on both SS 1.0 and 2.0!

Here’s how they look like side by side:

Native JS


Ext JS


Note: This is a hack.

Here’s the code sample on how to achieve this (Works on both SS 1.0 and SS 2.0):

Additionally, thanks to this post from Abaci I was able to run this code right before the record is saved, which can be very useful to set the value of a field right before saving.

Here’s the code sample running on SaveRecord in SS 2.0:

I hope that was useful for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions!

Getting Item Earliest Available Date Programatically

Getting Item Earliest Available Date Programatically

I was browsing through the Netsuite user group and I stumbled upon this interesting question:

I have a client that wants to automate the process of checking/calculating the ‘Earliest Available Date’ from the ‘Check Item Availability’ feature on the item level of a sales order. I know that this calculation is done using the ATP lead time, but I am not sure how to initiate this calculation via SuiteScript or Saved Search. I have shown this issue to NetSuite support and they told me that it is not currently possible to access the “Earliest Available Date” by either Saved Search or API. It literally requires someone to click the “Check Item Availability” which loads the popup dialog and shows the date. My client would obviously like to avoid having to drill into every sales order and check this date.
Does anyone know of a way to display the ‘Earliest available date’ via Saved Search or API? Or many another way to calculate it via some other ATP lead time calculation.

I was able to reverse engineer the process that Netsuite uses to calculate the “Earliest Available date” and I came up with a solution that works within the browser console. The solution loads the popup in the back, parses the HTML and gets the data. This may help you get started on designing a more robust solution.

Here’s a sample output:

Here’s the code ready to run in the browser console:

Note: Since this is running in the browser you might need to play around with the script to get over 100 items at a time as the governance would run out. Alternatively you could use an Ajax call instead of nlapiRequestURL.


Loading custom HTML and bootstrap within a Suitelet Form

Loading custom HTML and bootstrap within a Suitelet Form

I want to share this nice hack I created to allow to run custom HTML within a Netsuite form. I am using it to load bootstrap and sweet alert, but it can be used for a lot more! In this example I am loading a basic bootstrap template, it can be tweaked to send POST messages to the suitelet and load more jQuery plugins and scripts.

The end result:



Note: This is a hack, so beware.

Leave a comment if you liked it or think it can be improved!

Suitescript 2.x version


Suitescript 2.1 version