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Suitescript 2.0 SFTP Tool

Suitescript 2.0 SFTP Tool

One of the new features of SuiteScript API 2016.2 is the ability to connect to SFTP Servers directly from Netsuite.

Here are some downsides I found:

  • Not way to list the contents of a remote directory
  • No way of connecting using a private key.
  • Not all SFTP servers are supported as Netsuite requires the server to support some encryption algorithms.
  • No way of obtaining the server’s hostkey natively.


Unfortunately the process is a bit confusing if you are new to the SFTP world so I created a tool that will help you jump-start your script. I found this tool very useful as I was able to test an SFTP connection quickly for a client and turned out the SFTP server that they were trying to use didn’t actually support Netsuite’s approved algorithms (aes256-ctr, es192-ctr, es128-ctr), so it saved me a lot of time as I was able to quickly discard it and move on.

I also included an endpoint to get the HostKey of the URL you are trying to connect to. I think this will be very useful for people who don’t have a Linux server lying around where they can run ssh keyscan.

Here’s a video tutorial:


And here’s the code ready to be uploaded as a Suitelet, have fun!:

Live Chat Using Netsuite as Backend

Live Chat Using Netsuite as Backend

This time I decided to practice my skills by creating a simple live chat messaging system with Netsuite as backend and Bootstrap/jQuery as frontend.

I only used one custom record with 3 fields. Two fields (Timestamp and User) were set to default to current user/current datetime. So really the only field I had to write to was the message text.

The messages are sent via POST. I am using the jStorage jQuery library as a local DB to cache the messages. Messages are cached for 60 seconds by default.

The suitelet is being polled every 2 seconds. Every time the suitelet is polled a search runs that returns the last 20 messages created within the last 30 seconds. Clientside code checks for new entries in the db and if new entries are found the messages are displayed.


Here’s the code:


Loading custom HTML and bootstrap within a Suitelet Form

Loading custom HTML and bootstrap within a Suitelet Form

I want to share this nice hack I created to allow to run custom HTML within a Netsuite form. I am using it to load bootstrap and sweet alert, but it can be used for a lot more! In this example I am loading a basic bootstrap template, it can be tweaked to send POST messages to the suitelet and load more jQuery plugins and scripts.

The end result:



Note: This is a hack, so beware.

Leave a comment if you liked it or think it can be improved!